About The Founder

Susan Reardon


Susan Reardon is the founding owner of Sixth Sense Fitness, Sixth Sense Journeys, and The Breathing Room.  For over 30 years Susan has dedicated her life to Humanity's Wellness, spending her career working as a Wellness and Spiritual Development professional fostering personal growth and development and personal wellness in a variety of ways. She's been blessed with gifted teachers who helped her develop a highly skilled background in psycho-spiritual development, mind/body modalities, healing/transformational arts, and wellness/exercise sciences.   During her career she's enjoyed a diverse and extensive body of work; consulting, teaching, mentoring, coaching, and offering personal training and therapeutic healing experiences. 

Susan is an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister in a service order with Master's Degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Exercise Physiology, concentrating her studies in Spirituality Mind Body Practices.  She is certified as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and C-IAYT, Exercise Physiologist, Holistic Fitness Specialist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is a published author and has appeared on Discovery Health Channels' Dan Ho Show.

Susan has studied with and been mentored by many inspiring teachers including Kate Cianella, Kathleen Barratt, Sister Laurentine Morgan, Jonas Westring, Karen Hasskarl, Michael Lee, Ganga White, Dr. Judith Miller, and Ron Young.   She has a special interest in the area of Presence and how The Presence residing within each of us supports and sustains all aspects of life when we acknowledge and allow it.  

With a light heart, Susan views all people holistically; as multidimensional, complex energetic spiritual beings in their divine perfection. No matter what she does in life, she hopes her presence promotes evolution and fulfillment of the soul, both yours and hers.

Susan integrates her wisdom, knowledge, and experience in digital educational spaces, providing sacred online spaces for health, healing, personal development, and spiritual growth.  Enjoy your time here on this website and discover how the world wide web can bring us together.  All of the work Susan does, can be done via distance or utilizing the internet.