about sixth sense journeys

Founded by Susan Reardon, Sixth Sense Fitness (SSF) started as a consulting company in the early 90's providing high quality workshops and wellness services to both large and small businesses/corporations in the New York Metropolitan area.   Susan has partnered with Long Island Utility companies, LILCO and KEYSPAN, amongst others.  

 In response to a public demand for more holistic programs, Susan began offering  meditation training and energy healing modalities out of her home.  At the time Susan's holistic approach to wellness was unique in the fitness industry and she began providing holistic personal training services as well as other body centered modalities in a spa setting.  SSF evolved into Sixth Sense Journeys to reflect the holistic nature of the work.

Early the next decade, Sixth Sense Journeys expanded to support a deeper process of personal growth and evolution of its clients who were in search of authenticity, empowerment, freedom, and new ways of being in the world.  Utilizing philosophies and practices from multiple disciplines, Sixth Sense Journeys co-created programs to suit the unique needs of these individuals.    With Susan's support clients engaged in the inner work necessary to create the outer change they sought in themselves, families, organizations, and the world.  In 2015 Susan brought her work to Columbia University, Teachers College, Spirituality Mind Body Institute.  There she guided many students through their Hero's Journey as they completed their Master's work in Clinical Psychology.

With any Hero's Journey we come full circle back to ourselves with new found wisdom revealing that what we were seeking was within us all along.  Yet for all of us, the journey, with all of its trials and teachers, is what is required for us to gain the strength and the skill to utilize our innate power.  Today, Sixth Sense Journeys is completing its own Hero's Journey, coming back to its energetic roots, while still emanating its founding mantra: Integrate Mind and Body ~ Connect to All That Is.  Sixth Sense Journeys has traveled far and wide in terms of its offerings and the people it has served over the years.  The wisdom brought back from this beautiful journey is the notion that the BREATH IS THE CORNERSTONE that facilitates, allows, and ultimately supports and sustains both Integration of Mind and Body and our Connection to All That Is.  It is the Breath that is closest to the Life Giving Force and this is where Sixth Sense Journeys will now focus itself, officially opening The Breathing Room in 2020.

About the Founder

For over 30 years Susan Reardon has dedicated her life to Humanity's Wellness, spending most of her career working as a Wellness and Spiritual Development consultant fostering personal growth and development and personal wellness.